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Florida Announces Complete Ban On Sharia Law

Florida is fighting back against the push to institute Sharia Law in the United States.
Islamists, who do not believe that they are fighting the Battle of Armagheddon, as many ISIS members believe, know that when the dust settles, somebody will be in charge. Their hope, is that it will be them, and that the rule of law will be Sharia.
To be clear, an Islamist is a seperate category from a moderate Muslim who wishes to live side by side with other religions. They are a categorized as believing in the missions of the jihadists, but believe in infiltrating the political systems of other countries to lawfully subvert the rule of law into Sharia Law. More information about the difference between Jihadists, Islamists, Fundamentalists, and moderate Muslims can be FOUND HERE.
After passing S.B. 386, the State of Florida has prevented foreign laws from being used as a basis to decide cases in its legal system when those laws are contradictory to the legalities and public policies of Floridians.
The law does not mention Sharia Law specifically, nor does it mention Islam at all. The wording applies to any foreign government’s laws. This is a direct contrast to the Democrats in Congress who introduced House Resolution 569, an anti-Muslim rhetoric law, to specifically protect the religion of Islam and no other. It is called, the Condemning Violence, Bigotry, and Hateful Rhetoric Towards Muslims in the United States Act.
Though Sharia Law has been rejected repeatedly by the American people, other countries, like Germany, are fearful that it may just become a reality as soon as 2030.
Abu Imram is the leader of the organization Sharia for Belgium, and explained that Sharia Law is the opposite of Democracy. He said, under Sharia, Allah is the “legislator.” That should alarm Leftists who constantly complain about the Ten Commandments or Nativity Scenes on public property because of a violation of the Separation of Church and State. If they truly afraid of a theocracy, they would completely and wholeheartedly reject Sharia Law.
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