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Groom Walks Away In Middle Of Vows. But WATCH Who He Walked To…

The bride and groom faced each other, prepared to recite their vows.
Suddenly the groom walked away leaving everyone shocked and confused.
But what he did next turned this situation from a possible wedding disaster into an incredibly touching moment.
Luckily, this beautiful video captured the moment.
The couple nervously stood in front of friends and family on one the biggest day of their lives.
Right before their vows, the priest said, “And so in the presence of the church, in the presence of your family and friends, I ask you to state your intentions.”
The groom unexpectedly told the priest to hold on. Nobody, not even the priest or bride, knew what was coming next.
The groom got down on one knee to face his stepdaughter, Marissa, and took her hand.
Before vowing to love and cherish his wife-to-be, he wanted to make sure his stepdaughter and everyone else in the room knew his intentions for his relationship with Marissa.
“Marissa,” he nervously began. “I am so happy to be marrying your mother and, I just, I love you so much too, and I’m so blessed and so honored to have you as a little girl in my life now.”
What a gift to reflect back on this tear-jerking moment and never doubt his dedication to her and her mother.
His touching statement and actions were just the start of this groom’s incredible act of love toward Marissa.
What he said and did next is a must-watch!
H/t: Liftable
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