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How to crochet the tulip stitch (video tutorial & diagram)

If you are looking for an adorable pattern to craft a baby blanket or a sweet scarf, this tulip stitch is a fun way to add unique details to a project. When done correctly, the stitches actually look like a series of small tulips in a row. This pattern works best with at least two colors so that the petals pop.
This pattern is an obvious choice for a baby shower gift, but you can also use it to create a charming scarf or pretty hot pads.
Once you learn how to master these little flowers you can easily add them as a special border or work them into most any other crochet project.
This pattern is relatively simple. Before you begin adding these stitches, you'll need a base row. Work with a row of multiples of three plus one. This stitch is considered easy, and beginners should be able to tackle it quickly.
You'll need to know chain stitches, single crochets, color changing (simply adding a new color at the end of a row), double crochets, and double crochets together. If you are unfamiliar with the double crochet, this tutorial from Hopefully Honey offers a quick tutorial.
The first two rows of your pattern will be your base row, followed by a row of leaves and then a row of petals, two more base rows etc. The pattern is simple and makes for quick work once you've got it down.
Check out the video below to see exactly how this pattern works. Don't forget to pause the video as you work so you can keep up. If you think this pattern is simply adorable, share it with your friends on Facebook. 
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