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Ladies, Never Do This to Your Breasts!

Women’s breasts are the most attractive and most sensitive organ in the same time. Hence, they require special treatment as they can get easily damaged. In order to maintain their health, never do these several things:
·         An unfit bra
A lot of women think that wearing a smaller bra will make their breasts look larger and sexier; however, this is untrue as what you cause is serious discomfort and potential health problems.
·         Not wearing a bra while running
Even though you may feel freer when you don’t wear a bra while running, you can cause serious damage to the breasts. Namely, in this way you cause problems in the connective tissue of the breasts.
·         Removal of breast hairs
A lot of women tend to remove the hairs surrounding the nipples. However, by doing this frequently, you increase the chances for the hairs becoming even thicker and visible, which may further lead to inflammation and other serious issues.
·         Pinching
It is no secret that during intercourse, a lot of people practice pinching of the nipples as it is believed to cause sexual arousal. Nonetheless, if this is done too often and too aggressively, the nipples can get damaged.
·         Piercings
Although a lot of women have nipple piercings, the process is not entirely harmless as it can cause pneumonia.
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