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Woman Almost Calls 9-1-1 When She Sees This... Then She Realizes What's Happening

Dealing with plumbing issues isn’t exactly the most exhilarating part of anyone’s day. That’s why, when a Texas woman called a plumber to fix a pipe leaking on her property, she wasn’t expecting anything crazy to happen.
However, that was before she walked outside and saw something that made her do a double take. The plumber had arrived…or at least half of him, anyway!
When Andrea Adams called for a plumber, Jimmie Cox was the man for the job. Then, when she saw him submerge half his body so that he could reach the faulty pipe, she knew she had to snap a photo.
Now, her wild photo is being shared all over the world in appreciation for a working man going above and beyond for his job.
Jimmie might not be used to his newfound fame just yet, but Dirty Jobs‘ Mike Rowe has offered to buy him a beer, and Wrangler jeans is giving him a year supply of new denim. All of this praise is well deserved!
There’s something so incredible about seeing someone do a good job in a humble place…and to have such a cool photo as proof!
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