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Mom Starts Humming. But Keep Your Eyes On The Twin Babies…

...will definitely get a laugh or two out of this video!
If there is one thing babies love, it’s music!
Nothing brings us more joy than to see a baby reacting to music through smiles, laughter and even dance moves.
Seeing their eyes light up at the sound of a melody is just too cute, and we can’t help but smile and laugh along with them.
That is certainly the case with these 8-month-old twin babies when they hear their mom begin to hum.
When this mommy started humming the tune from Eastenders, these baby girls lit up.
Not only did they break into adorable matching smiles, but they began to wiggle and giggle with joy.
They just couldn’t stop laughing at their mother’s song, who can barely hold in her own laughter at the silly twins’ reactions.
The baby on the right is clearly the dancer of the family.
She gets so into her moves that she topples over, causing the mom to completely lose it in laughter.
You will definitely get a laugh or two out of this video!
This hilarious video has already gained over 2 million views on YouTube due to the infectious joy it spreads.
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