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After Seeing What’s Outside Window, Little Girl Won’t Eat, So Dad Starts To Record

One dad captured a moment that’s now going viral after he decided to take his little girl out to eat. Their dinner would take a turn when the child noticed something outside the restaurant window that seemingly caused her to lose her appetite. As her food sat untouched, her dad whipped out his phone to capture the events, but no one imagined what unfolded next.
Eddie Scott and daughter Ella (Source: Daily Mail)
Eddie Scott and daughter Ella
Californian Eddie Scott and his daughter Ella went out to a restaurant on August 31 and grabbed a window seat. Although the pair likes to go out twice a week, according to Daily Mail, this visit would be very different when something outside caught Ella’s eye.
As the clip begins, we see the pretty little girl, complete with cat ears on her head, just looking at her plate. After she mumbles something, she jumps down out of her seat and heads across the restaurant. When she hesitates for a brief moment, her father says, “You got it,” and she continues her mission, heading straight out the restaurant door with her plate in hand. It isn’t long until we see why Ella didn’t want to touch her food.
As dad follows Ella with his phone’s camera, a homeless man comes into the clip, who just happened to be sitting on a bench outside the restaurant and in Ella’s view. Ella did the only thing she knew to do — refused to touch her dinner so she could give it to the homeless man on the bench outside.
A look of determination is on her face before giving her gift. It's followed by a look of "knowing" and feeling beyond her years.
A look of determination is on her face before giving her gift. It’s followed by a look of knowing and feeling beyond her years.
When she returns, the truth of the world is written all through her innocent eyes as she watches the stranger outside gobble up the gift she just gave him. “I think you made his week,” her father says, praising his girl for her generous and selfless gesture. It may be just one meal, but the steak and potatoes were all Ella had to give.
Eddie says he’s been teaching his daughter to look out for those less fortunate since she was three, and he’s rightfully proud of her actions at the restaurant that day. He should be proud of himself too since it’s obvious he’s providing lessons that are reaching far beyond Ella. As the video starts to go viral, Ella is passing on what she learned from her father, and the world is being given a lesson on kindness and having the empathy of a child. We all could and should be a little more like Ella.
Credits: Mad World News
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