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Yorkie Pup Notices Baby Is Sleeping, But Something’s Not Right. So She Does This.

This video is very cute, it shows Misty the yorkie pup tucking in a baby. The little baby boy is asleep in a carry cot, he is laying on top of a blanket. Misty very carefully pushes the edges of the blanket over him and tucks it around the sleeping baby.
The little yorkie is very king and gentle and the baby remains asleep throughout. She walks round each side of the cot and tucks the blanket carefully around him. It is a very touching video which shows that animals care for their family.
This video will make your heart melt both the baby and the little pup are very cute and this is a very adorable situation. Misty obviously thought that the baby was getting cold and decided to help look after him by tucking him in. Dog lovers and parents alike will love this video, it has made my day.
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