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Atheist Died And Went To Hell, Saw A Child Singing And Later Was Brought Back to Life. WHOA!

Howard Storm was an atheist who died and went to hell. It was way back in the summer of 1985 when he was touring in Europe with his wife. In Paris, on their last day abroad, a disaster struck. His small intestine was ruptured. And hours later, he went to the afterlife.
He died and he saw his own body, lying on the bed as his wife trying to wake him up in the hospital. And as an atheist, he never believed that there is Heaven and hell.
When he heard these people’s voices calling him, he thought they were staffs and nurses who will lead him to surgery. As he followed them, they began being more and more aggressive, cruel to him, and eventually they dragged him to hell; pushing him, biting him, scratching him – he yelled as they making fun of him.
Until he heard a voice saying “pray to God” twice, and he prayed. They began drawing away from him. He saw this bright light, reached down and picked him up. And he was brought back to life.
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