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This New Law Will Make Parents Responsible For Their Bully Children — And People Are Outraged

Children may be responsible for their own actions once they reach a certain age, but one Wisconsin town is taking it a step further—much to the bane of parents everywhere.
An anti-bullying law has passed in Shawano, Wisconsin, that will hold parents responsible if they don’t step in to stop bullying when their kids are involved. The penalty is a steep fine of several hundreds of dollars per infraction. Not surprisingly, the town is divided on the issue.
Shawano, Wisconsin, wants to make sure children are safe from the terrors of bullying. It can—and does—happen everywhere, but in this town, legislators are making sure parents get involved to stop it.
According to this new ordinance, parents will be held responsible if their child is bullying others. They believe getting the parents involved is the most effective way to curb the behavior.
Parents will get a written warning if their child has been bullying others. The parent then has 90 days to correct the behavior. 
If nothing changes, and the situation does not improve, parents are then issued a fine of $366. They are fined for every offense, so could face thousands of dollars in penalties if the behavior continues without improvement.
Shawano parents are divided; some support the ordinance, while others feel it’s too harsh a penalty for parents who shouldn’t be held financially responsible for their children’s behavior.
Shawano police has reminded parents that this law isn’t aimed at “kids being kids”—it’s about serious, unrelenting bullying. Other cities have implemented similar ordinances with positive results; hopefully, Shawano will see these effects soon!
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