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How Did You Find Out Your Partner Was Cheating on You? Real People Share Their Stories


It's Over!

If you’ve ever been cheated on then you know that heart-sinking feeling that follows the revelation. The hurt and rage that comes from discovering you were betrayed by someone you trusted and maybe even loved. It sucks. The worst is when you catch them in the act and have that image burned into your memory. If that’s happened to you, you’re not alone! We’ve put together a list of the most shocking ways people have found out their significant others were unfaithful. Find out how these cheaters got busted.

I can't get over #11

1. Safe Sex Cheater

He had condoms in the glove box in the car. We didn’t use them and I was pregnant at the time. (OhAsIf)

2. You Are NOT the Father

She got pregnant. We were in college and were not sure what to do. We went to the first doctors visit and they told her a relative date of conception and how many weeks pregnant she was. I realized that I was not in town during that period of time and questioned her about it. She broke and told me that her and my roommate slept together when I was out of town. (You_Can_Get_It)

3. Donation Discovery

I donate blood. After being with a woman about 6 months got a msg to contact Health Dept. I had chlamydia, it hadn’t turned up in 3 previous donations and I hadn’t cheated. [deleted]

4. Monster in the Closet

Three years ago, my (then) girlfriend and I went to a party of a mutual friend, and I went to go get us drinks. I came back and heard her voice coming from the closet. I opened the door and saw her shirtless and making out with her ex-boyfriend. (Diendorf)

5. Those Aren’t Mine

Don’t leave underwear that obviously isn’t your girlfriends in your shared bed or in her car… also don’t take the other girl out to eat at a restaurant your girlfriend’s best friend works at…(cassmtz)

6. Myspace Cheater

Back in the day of Myspace, I had my boyfriends password (He had mine too, it wasn’t entirely sneaky). I logged into his account and proceeded to read REAL TIME messages between him and his ex, making plans for their next hook up. I printed them out and confronted him with it. Unfortunately, for me, I stayed with the douche for another few years. He continued to cheat on me, sometimes with that girl and sometimes other, random girls. I was dumb. But, I had gotten pregnant and so I decided to try to stick it out. (stupidsteph)

7. Picture Proof

The girl he was sleeping with told me. We had been together for two years, and had dealt with numerous things like this before, so this time I gave him the benefit of the doubt, telling her to f*** off and mind her own business. A week later, she sent me pictures of messages that they had sent to each other, talking about the previous times that they had slept together. Turns out he had never been exclusive about our relationship, and that all those other times he had just managed to cover up that he had been cheating. There were six. Needless to say, I’m no longer so naive. [deleted]

8. Just Let Me Grab My Coat

Rolled over out of my druken slumber next to another man sleeping with his shlong deep up inside her. So I rolled out, put on my coat and never spoke or saw her again. [deleted]

9. Roommate Rendezvous

I walked in early from work. My door was locked. It’s never locked. So I super stealth mode opened the door and found her and my roommate in bed together. I simply had her move her s*** from my room to his. I hooked up with one of her friends like a week later and she was pissed. They both moved out at the end of the month. She tried to break in after I went on deployment, but didn’t know that I found a new roommate. He pulled a sword on her, it was epic. (imn0tg00d)

10. Happy Birthday

He agreed to meet me for lunch on my birthday at work. My manager decided to let me out a few minutes early and I saw him being dropped off by another girl who kissed him good bye and drove off. Turned out neither of us knew about the other and though we were dating a sweet guy not a f***boy. We both dumped him and became pretty good friends. I even went to her wedding in December. Life can be funny sometimes… (Prannke)

11. Pedo Perv

He was 22 and cheated on me with a 13-year-old. I found out over a Facebook status the girl had made. Creepy. (Nernmau5)

12. Crazy Liar

I left the room to get a cup of water and walked back in to see my boyfriend kissing my friend. We were a bit drunk, so I can’t remember if I flung my water in his face or not. I’d like to think I did. “I was helping her with her shirt,” was his excuse. Because that’s a thing. I was like…”I SAW you kiss her.” I went home and was later grateful that I finally got out of that relationship for good. They both lied to me about it for years afterward. One day, ten years later, my ex bf admitted he’d kissed her. “I KNOW, I SAW YOU!” Crazy how people will lie even when you saw them do the thing they’re denying. (ChippyCuppy)

13. Dude, Where’s My Car

Caught my girl with some guy in my car. I would let some girl I was dating borrow my new car as I took the bus to work. One day a friend said he saw my car but driven by someone else I headed over there and caught some guy driving my car with my ex as passenger they were making out. I knocked on the door told the guy who I was, told him about the situation and said your free to leave or we can handle this. He left, she was going on and on about how he was a friend bla bla bla. I got in my car left her there. I didn’t go back but it took me like a year to get to normal. Luckily I didn’t get back with her she would beg me and it took all my pride to say no. [deleted]

14. Cheater Shut Down

I went to get a checkup in this hospital that is right next to a mall. When I left the hospital I entered the mall to buy a couple of things, but I saw her at the distance leaving a restaurant with her best friend.
At this point they had some history together so I followed them for some time, all of which they were kissing each other on the cheeks and hugging constantly, but when they went to his car to leave he finally made his move and kissed her on the lips. I took a picture and left.
Half an hour later she texts me letting me know she had arrived home, I just replied with the picture. Much crying and arguing but the relationship ended after that. (claud_e)

15. Delusional Fiancé

Caught my fiancee cheating on me at a party we both went to. Proceeded to confront her got ambushed by her friends yelling at me and telling me I shouldn’t have been here. She later told me it was my fault for catching her. (Eomh)

16. BFF From Work

I didn’t walk in on him but I figured it out before he told me. A lot of little things like the passenger visor mirror always being open. Him suddenly hanging out with friends all the time. Looked at the phone bill saw him texting a number over 800 times. Ask him about it and claims it’s a guy friend from work. At first I’m fine but he leaves to “find himself.” So I look at the phone bill again and realized the number sent a lot of pictures. What guys send that many pictures? So I broke down and called it and got her voice mail. Confronted my husband of 6 years and he didn’t deny it. Worse day of my life. It was March 7th. (Mellymel1713)
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