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Disturbing CCTV Footage Shows A Dad Accidentally ‘Killing’ His Son In A Supermarket

Parents, be very, very cautious around your children.
The disturbing footage below recently went viral and it shows a father who accidentally fell over his little boy while they were in a supermarket. Allegedly, the tragic incident resulted to the child’s death, reported the Mirror.
Taken via CCTV, the short video clip shows us the dad holding the boy behind him with both hands as they were strolling in a supermarket. Unfortunately though, the dad lost his footing and fell backwards to his son – straight on the boy’s neck.
This father and son pair was leisurely strolling in a supermarket when a tragic accident happened.
The shocked father immediately got up and a woman rushed to help the poor kid.
Although the origin of the video wasn’t specified, it has been widely shared in China and has been recently featured by the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network to emphasize the importance of safety.
While holding his son behind him, the father accidentally lost footing and fell on the boy’s neck.
“Unconfirmed reports, A Unilad article tells us, “suggested the boy died in hospital after suffering a broken neck, but the fate of the boy is not known for sure.”
If you want to watch the clip, you can view it below.
Be warned, however, that it is definitely not recommended for the faint of heart. It can be really harrowing to watch!
Watch the CCTV footage here:
We hope this would serve as a reminder for all parents out there to be extremely careful. Let’s all make safety our foremost priority.
Share this with other parents to help warn them as well.
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