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College Girl Smacks Police Horse, Doesn't Anticipate Horse's Response (Video)

Woman who slapped horse, got kicked
A young woman probably wasn't expecting the reply she got when she smacked a horse’s behind. (video below).
The video, taken during the Queen’s University homecoming in Kingston, Ontario, shows a blonde woman wearing a dark-colored shirt with a red stripe run up to a police horse and slap it on the rear. The horse reacts by kicking the woman with one of its legs, causing her to fall face first on the ground.
A woman runs to help her, and she gets up off the ground and runs away while holding her hand over her face.
Three people were arrested and charged in horse-slapping incidents during the homecoming festivities, according to VICE, but police didn’t confirm that the woman in the video is facing charges.
The Kingston Police Department identified the slapped horse, who is new to the department, in a tweet.
“Disappointing news from #QueensHomecoming. Our new horse, Murney, was slapped 3X tonight. No injuries. 2 men & 1 woman charged criminally,” the department tweeted with a photo of the horse.
According to a separate tweet, the men they arrested were not from Queen’s University; one attends Algonquin College and the other is from Cobourg. The female suspect is a student at Queen’s University.
The department added that Murney responded well to the slaps.
“Police horse, Murney, still in training. Startled by slaps but kept her restraint,” it tweeted.
Slapping a police horse is illegal under a newly established law that prohibits injuring a law enforcement animal. If found guilty, the suspects could serve up to five years in prison.
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