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Cop Turns Dashboard Camera On. Then He Pulls Out A Blanket And Does The Unthinkable

The miracle of birth hardly seems a miracle until you’re actually holding your new baby in your arms, but if you ask any expecting parent how it is before that you better be ready for an earful because it’s nothing like the brochures. There’s the morning sickness women have to deal with among every other pregnancy issue and the man has to keep his wits in order to be the support system she needs during this time. It doesn’t sound too difficult of a concept but trust me, have a kid before you knock those that have trouble with it. Even still, the moment you meet a whole new life you helped create it all slips away and the world suddenly becomes focused on them. The same can’t be said for those that do the delivery.
Officer Dan Templeton was out like it was any other day in Elk Grove, California when he came across a vehicle moving a little too erratically. He could immediately tell something was wrong but at the time he just didn’t know what he was in for so he turned on his dash cam, only to record one of the most incredible moments of this year. When he went up to the car he discovered a pregnant woman named Vanessa was in the process of giving birth and there was no way they’d make it to the hospital in time. Without hesitating he quickly grabbed a blanket and decided to deliver the baby himself right then and there!
In the wake of all the issues coming from crooked cops and entirely twisted institutions it can be easy to forget that there are still those out there trying to do everything they can from the inside, but it all starts with being a good person and a good member of the community. This is what it means to be a police officer, this is how things are supposed to be.
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