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Mom Leaves Fast-Food Burgers Out For Daughter’s “Science Experiment”… What She Discovers Is SICKENING

A Texas mother helping her daughter with a science experiment recently shared the results thus far on her Facebook page.
Kim Marrs Tharp posted a picture of hamburgers from a variety of fast food restaurants arrayed upon her kitchen counter, along with a description of the experiment they were conducting, which is to see which one grows mold first when left out.
We got the burgers Sept. 22 so 38 days ago. Since then they have been wrapped in their org paper and In their bags. Kept in a box on top of the fridge,” Tharp wrote. “Guess what they look like??”
“Everyone is hard, has shrunk and looks perfect. NO MOLD on the burger or bun!” she continued, going on to describe how a homemade burger using home grown beef had gone moldy in just two days, adding “ARE YOU LOVIN IT?!”
Tharp then posed the question, “What do you think these preservatives are doing to our bodies? Cancer is on the rise, ADHD, obesity, gut issues … Related … Guess you will have to make that decision yourself.”
She finished the post by declaring: “Sorry if I ruined your lunch plans … “
The post seemed well received, earning tens of thousands of shares, with numerous people commenting and thanking her for sharing the experiment, as well as expressing their disgust at her results.
Obviously, eating a fast food burger every once in awhile isn’t going to kill you, but it is easy to see that “food” like this can’t be all that good for you if you eat it all of the time, and the multitude of preservatives and additives could have a long-term effect on your health.
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