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Hotel Staff Responds to Complaints of Screaming in Room 209—But Nobody was Checked-in there!

What he saw will surely scare you out of your wits!
When travelling to other parts of the world, many of us love to stay in hotels. Enjoying the luxurious life once in a while is an enjoyable experience we all dream of. But sometimes, the experience can be really scary—literally.
In this hotel footage, a hotel staff responded to several complaints about ‘screaming’ in room 209. As soon as he was a few feet away from the room, he heard the violent screaming as well. He froze in his steps, but was able to gather courage and approach the door once more. Though the other staff advised him NOT to enter the room and just wait for the police, the staff proceeded to opening the door. What he saw will definitely give him nightmares for the rest of his life!
Though no one was inside (since the door was locked), all the furniture were turned over, the carpet was ripped, and the shower was turned on. The shocking part was when the door was opened, and a smoky figure can be seen getting out of the room! Watch the creepy video for yourself.
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