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If You Have This Blood Type, Your DNA Might Just Be Alien

Do those with RH negative blood have alien DNA? This is what is being proposed as studies have shown RH negative types do not possess the key evolutionary gene from the rhesus monkeys, as most people do.
Here are the four common blood types: A, B, AB and O.
The proteins of the blood are what is different between each type. RH negative though, don’t have these proteins. They make up 10-15% of our population.
So where do RH negative blood type’s come from? That is what scientists are questioning.
They’ve been looking back 35,000 years and believe that the blood type is connected to certain tribes and groups.
While Europeans have the greatest incidence of this blood type, only 3% of African-Americans have it, while only 1% of Asian people possess it.
What are the common characteristics of those with this blood type?
A higher IQ, a lower body temperature, more awareness both physically and emotionally, red hair, sensitive to heat, and blue, green or hazel colored eyes!
Now RH negative women who get pregnant adds to this mystery. They have difficulty delivering a baby. Their bodies actually try to naturally attack and kill the fetus! A special sterilization solution must be given.
So why would that occur to pregnant women trying to give birth? Is the baby too human perhaps, as the woman is really of alien-origin?
It turns out that those who have reported to have been abducted or have interacted with aliens, are almost always RH negative!
Perhaps aliens have messed around with our genetics during a visit way back when.
What do you think about the blood type that is missing a key link to evolutionary humans? Could it be that some of us have alien blood running through our veins?
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