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VIDEO: Judge Jeanine Tears The Veil Off Hillary's Double Life For The World To See

Jeanine Pirro of Fox News is known for never being timid in voicing her thoughts and what she believes in, and she lived up to her name as she boldly called out Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Justice with Judge Jeanine.
“There are two systems of justice in America,” she said Sunday in the “Opening Statement” portion of her show. “One for everyday Americans and one for Hillary Rodham Clinton.”
Pirro then began to break down and analyze the details surrounding the initial discovery of the infamous private email server Clinton operated when she was secretary of state and the actions that followed.
FBI Director James Comey said the investigation showed Clinton was “extremely careless” with classified material, but he declined to recommend criminal prosecution, citing a lack of insufficient evidence to show she had malicious intent.
“Since when in the history of American criminal justice does one have to announce, ‘Hear ye, hear ye, it is my intent now to commit this crime,’ before he can be held to account?” she asked.
“And if there was no intent to prevent Congress from knowing, answer this: Why didn’t anyone tell Congress, of at least the attempt to bribe a federal official, or as some want to call it, a quid pro quo?”
She then answered her own question with a daring statement.
“The FBI didn’t, which kind of makes me think that they knew right from the get-go that they weren’t going to be filing charges before they even started.”
FBI documents indicated a senior State Department official offered a “quid pro quo” to get the FBI to remove the “Secret” label from one of Clinton’s emails.
“Others say ‘quid pro quos … are what they do in Washington,'” she continued.
“But not declassifying and destroying top-secret information on Benghazi — which is under federal subpoena to be retained and preserved of a pathological liar who is running for president?”
Pirro left the rhetorical question to remain unanswered.
“Call it what you will, I say it stinks. It’s really simple, folks,” she said. “I spent three decades fighting for equal rights and equal justice, and a level playing field for all.”
She concluded by saying, “We take pride in this great nation that we are all equal under the law, and for centuries, Lady Justice, with bandages over her eyes, symbolizes that justice is blind, that it matters not who you are — no one is above the law, and no one is below it.”
“Tonight, though, there are tears beneath those bandages.”
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