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Legal Action To Be Taken Against Kim Kardashian Over Robbery Lie?

Skepticism is brewing among a few experts and many on social media regarding the news of Kim Kardashian being the victim of a recent armed robbery.
According to the official story, Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint on Oct. 2 at her Paris apartment by assailants disguised as police, as reported by The Guardian.
After forcing their way into the apartment they tied her up and locked her in the bathroom, then fled the scene after making off with jewellry worth millions.
On Oct. 4, TMZ revealed that there was no surveillance video inside or outside the reality TV star’s luxury residence, reports Fox News.
With that in mind, private investigator Patricia D’Orsa-Dijamco raised the question: “How did Kardashian free herself from being tied up in the bathroom? Or who found Kardashian in the hotel room or bathroom? Where was her security and hotel security personnel or hotel security cameras…. If this was a publicity stunt, she could be in big trouble for making a false police report.”
Then she pointed out the similarity to the story of Ryan Lochte, the U.S. swimmer who falsely claimed he was robbed at gunpoint at the Rio Olympics.
Michael Levine, a former undercover DEA agent, says he thought the robbery might be elaborate hoax when he first heard about it.
An NYPD detective who spoke anonymously to Fox News thinks the story is legit, but suspects that it might have been embellished.  
Skepticism on social media, however, is much more widespread, as New York Magazine reports. The following conspiracy theories are flourishing on Twitter:
• Kim staged it for publicity.
• Kim and Kanye staged it as part of an insurance-fraud scheme.
• It was a ploy to boost ratings for Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
• Taylor Swift did it as payback.
• Donald Trump did it to distract us from news about him.
Lex Jurgen, the pop culture expert for the gossip site isn’t buying any of the conspiracy theories.
“She has so many ways to get publicity that don’t involve her getting arrested for lying to the police," he said. "She could lose her top at Fashion Week and get 10 million SEO hits."
Source: America Now
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