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LEGO Creates Anti-LEGO Slippers To End 66 Years Of Horrible Pain

If you have ever stepped on a piece of lego, you will know how painful it really is. Almost as painful as stepping on a plug.
It’s almost as if the lego creators were some kind of sadistic torturers creating excruciatingly painful block toys for some kind of sick pleasure. Highly unlikely, but possible.
When your careless child leave pieces strewn all over the carpet it can be like navigating a minefield. One false move and your toe-curling your way to a lot of swear words.
Fortunately, there is now a way to protect yourself from these domestic minefields.
Praise the lord!
LEGO have teamed up with  French advertising agency Brand Station, and invented anti-LEGO slippers! It only took them 66 years, too!
With tons of padding these things are kitted out for the worst of the worst.
However, stock is pretty limited and only around 1500 will be distributed to people who fill out Christmas wish-lists on LEGO’s French website.
Will you be filling it out for a chance to win a pair of these? Or you know, you could just buy some normal slippers?
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