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Man attempts to sexually harass a woman in an elevator—gets instant karma!

Both men and women suffer from sexual harassment and molestation every day—regardless of their age. These perpetrators can hurt a person’s dignity, make them feel unsafe and stop them from reaching their full potential. Sexually harassing or bullying someone because of their sex, gender or sexual orientation is not acceptable—may it be against a man or a woman. This woman refused to be harassed and fights back!
In a CCTV footage, a man and a woman can be seen alone in an elevator. Thinking nobody was there to defend the woman, the man started to creep behind the woman, trying to get close to her. A few moments later, he attempts to put his hand over her shoulder—it was a wrong move!
The woman suddenly gives him a smack on the face, followed by a kick to the groin—and a knee to the face. The man fell to the floor, agonizing in pain.
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