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Mom Searches For Strange Boy After Realizing What He Did With Her Son

A mother took her son to the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium in West Palm Beach, Florida, where something unexpected happened. She never could have guessed that she would witness a strange boy doing something unusual with her son, but she did. Now, she’s turned to social media to find him.
Katie Myers and her husband have faced a battle that many parents only fear. When their son Kaden was born, he was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), “a motor neuron disease that affects one in 6,000 infants and disturbs the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord,” according to IJ Review.
As a result of his diagnosis, Kaden will be wheelchair bound his entire life.
Mom Searches For Strange Boy After Noticing What He Did With Her Son
Katie and her husband with Kaden
The couple didn’t give up on their son. They believe their now one-year-old son is like most children his age, “he is very curious and… wants to know how everything works,” Katie explained, according to SheKnows. “My dream is for Kaden to grow up in a world where he is seen before his wheelchair.”
When they recently went on a trip to the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, she wished that other children would treat Kaden no different, even though he is bound by his wheelchair. Luckily, one boy allowed her to experience that dream firsthand when he and Kaden were playing.
Mom Searches For Strange Boy After Noticing What He Did With Her Son
Kaden Myers
The strange boy didn’t stare or ask any questions, he merely played with Kaden like he would have with any other child. Katie was obviously awestruck by the encounter and quickly captured a remarkable photo for the world to see.
She has since posted it to Facebook and Instagram, thanking the strange boy for not being judgmental towards her son, knowing full well that he would probably never see it.
The full post can be seen below, but she starts out by saying, “To the little boy at the science museum, I don’t know who you are, but thank you for being amazing.” She continued, “You let my son play and engage with you. You helped him pick up balls from the floor when you saw that he could not. You didn’t ask what was wrong with him or why he couldn’t walk, you just saw him.”
Katie didn’t expect her post to go viral, but it has already received over 236,000 likes and 54,000 shares in five days. She is grateful for the kind-hearted boy and the response she has gotten has encouraged her to raise awareness about SMA and help advocate for a cure.
“[He] is one of the most independent and capable 1-year-olds on earth,” Katie said. “He is a daredevil who wants to try everything, and we will do anything to make that possible for him.”
Half of the babies diagnosed with SMA don’t live any longer than their second birthday. Katie and her husband are optimistic and hope that Kaden can someday be cured, along with other children like him – so they can grow up to live fulfilling lives.
It’s children like this that prove to us that the world can still be a good place. We are all on this wild journey that we call life. Although all of our paths are different, we need each other to reach our fullest potential.
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