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When I heard about this, I immediately threw my deodorant in the trash. Never again!

Whether you notice yourself smelling sweaty or someone else points it out, it's an unpleasant affair for all involved. Most people try to avoid it in the first place by using antiperspirant deodorants.
The sweat excreted from your glands contains dermcidin, a protein that helps prevent viruses and bacteria from entering your skin. Antiperspirant deodorants clog your pores with aluminum salts and other harmful substances, preventing sweat, but also potentially making it easier for bacteria or infections to take hold. Many deodorant ingredients, especially aluminum, are thought to have links to diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, and even infertility.
There is a fruit that is an affordable, natural, and healthy alternative to the more common chemical deodorants: Limes.
Limes have antibacterial properties. Body odor doesn't result from sweat itself, but rather the bacteria on your skin. These bacteria multiply quickly in the warm, moist environment under your arms and cause the smell we all dread.
Deo-Flecken auf farbigem T-Shirt entfernen:
All you need for your own lime deodorant is half a lime. Try rubbing the open side on your armpits.
Before putting on any clothes make sure to let your pits air dry. Otherwise you may get undesired spots on your clothing.
You can store the lime in a Tupperware box or plastic bag and use it multiple times. After a few uses you should cut a thin slice off the top to freshen it up.
If you're still doubting whether you can really trade your deodorant in for lime, check out the following video experiment:
Tiandra used limes as deodorant for seven days and was completely amazed. She didn't even shower one of the nights and was surprised to wake up odor-free.
Surprise yourself with the smell-fighting power of lime. Give it a chance, save some money and don't risk some of deodorant's nasty side effects.
Credits: Hefty
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