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Simon Takes One Look At Overdone Teenager, Tells Her To Take Off Makeup Before She Sings

Samantha Lavery just turned 17 years old. She just finished high school and had only been through a single day of college before the opportunity to sing on The X Factor appeared.
For the performance, she wears short black overalls, high heels, and a full face of makeup. And from the very beginning, it’s obvious that the look doesn’t sit well with Simon.
“I find her…distant,” Simon says as the teenager walks up to the three judges.
Her nerves are clearly displayed as she stands before all three of them at the poolside in Malibu. And I don’t blame her for that — he’s an intimidating guy!
Simon gives her an appraising look, then tells her, “I kind of wish that we had met without your pop star image. I think with you, we’ve had a bit of a mask put up. I’d almost like to see you without so much makeup.”
Samantha is clearly thrown off by the judge’s comments. She takes a deep breath and clutches her mic as the two female judges rise to the young girl’s defense, telling him she’s fully allowed to “experiment,” but Simon stands by his critique.
Finally, she walks off the set.
And when she returns, hours later, it’s as a nearly unrecognizable version of herself. Gone is the polished woman in makeup and long eyelashes. Instead, she’s been replaced by a fresh-faced, excited girl who actually looks her age.
The judges’ approval of her showing the courage to come onstage as her real self is immediately apparent. And when she opens her mouth to sing at last? Let’s just say they’re floored!
Take a look at this talented contestant in the video below, and please SHARE this video with your friends and family!
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