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Shocking Discovery of a 1.7 Million Old Bridge By NASA

The NASA Space shuttle has pictured astonishing images of a bridge that links India with Sri Lanka. The bridge is said to be used by people until it was destroyed by a terrible cyclone. The structure of the bridge proves that it is manmade and made of limestone shoals.
This bridge is known as Adam’s bridge presently is also known as Ram Setu and is about 18 miles long. It starts from the Pamban Island in India and ends at the Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. Many believe that it is the bridge that was spoken about in the epic Ramayana.
It gives an evidence of Ramayana being true. What Ramayana as said is based on the Treda Yuga which is almost 1.700,000 years ago. A bridge is mentioned in this legend which linked Rameshwaram in India with the Sri Lankan coast. It was built under the surveillance of Rama who was thought to be an incarnation of the almighty.
It indeed opens the gates of heaven for many spiritualists. In Ramayana ram had taken the help of hanuman to save his beautiful queen Sita from Ravana and to reach Sri Lanka this bridge was made. The bridge was made in consultation with Nal and Neel who were the members of the Vanar Sena or army of monkeys and were also the best architects of those times.
While this discovery was taunted to be a hoax by many, along with several Indians, NASA refused to accept such claims and said that the pictures were truly taken from space and that they can in no way be fabricated.
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