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MUST WATCH: A Strange RING OF CLOUDS and SOUND OF SHOFAR Was Seen And Heard In Jerusalem!

This was captured just recently, last OCTOBER 1, 2016. During Sabbath (Saturday) in Jerusalem, it was confirmed by some netizens residing on that area that it was really that visible.
A RING OF CLOUDS and the sounds of trumpets (SHOFAR) was so clearly seen and loudly heard that time – the sounds that actually sounded as heard in different parts of the world. The clouds were literally moving towards the center (like that of a halo as a few may say or describe it) along with that breathtaking sound of shofar.
Well, whatever it may be, if it has something to do with the Lord and the signs of His second coming (whom we don’t know when it will be, only the Father knows), it’s way so exciting!
I tell you, only those who aren’t sure if they saved are afraid and it’s a sad thing to note. But for all believers of Christ, when it comes to the second coming of the Lord, we rejoice over it so badly. Why? Because its JESUS and His Kingship. Who, of all true followers would be afraid of that?
Much more to this, watch the full video and be amazed. This occurrence is so powerful!
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