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These 10 pics from other people’s bedrooms will open your eyes. The worst thing is: You can’t do anything about it!

Sleeping is a daily or nightly ritual we all have to go through in order for our bodies and minds to continue functioning properly, that’s just a fact of life. When you’re growing up if you’re lucky enough to be able to sleep in your own bed then you’ve got so much freedom to squirm and twist throughout the night, but once you get older and into a relationship that quickly changes – they need room too! But did you know that the way a couple sleeps together (position-wise) can tell you a lot about each person, or their relationship?
This sleeping style usually has both partners faced back to back with one or the other dangling an arm or a leg off the side of the bed. This could mean that the dangling partner needs to start getting more or better sleep, but it could also signify a growing distance in the relationship if it becomes a common occurrence. It could also just be a temperature thing, so don’t go rushing to conclusions without talking to your loved one if something is on your mind!
The Crab (left side of image)
This is the way you sleep when one person enjoys a little freedom with their side of the bed while the other enjoys a little closeness. Even still there is rarely any body contact when sleeping like this, but they do manage to push that as far as possible.
The Roof
The classic lover’s embrace as they fall asleep; usually the woman or more feminine partner of the relationship will nestle their head into the armpit of the other partner. This is a position that signifies a devotion between the two and is generally how those in new and budding relationships will lay down together.
Pillow Talk
For those that enjoy staring deeply into their lover’s eyes this is the perfect way to fall asleep, plus you’ve got the added benefit of being able to talk to one another as you fall asleep. Again, this is generally more common in newer relationships or for those couples who truly have worlds to share with each other.
You’re probably not wondering how this sleeping position earned it’s name, because we’ve all seen it in television and the movies for years. Usually you’ll see the beautiful woman resting across the man’s muscular chest with his arm around her, asleep with nothing but rock-hard musculature as a pillow. This isn’t comfortable in the slightest, ask anyone that’s done it. Within an hour of falling asleep you’ll wake up with a dead arm and the desire not to move your partner. Even still, it’s fairly common.
The Love Knot
For anyone that longs to fall into the Sandman’s depths tangled with their lover this is probably where you should start. It earned it’s name The Love Knot because both partner’s limbs are tangled together, generally to untangle as they fall deeper into sleep. This is usually a sign for a lot of erotic tension and can signify a relationship between equals.
Classic Spoon (woman on the inside)
A lot of people enjoy sleeping on their sides, and what better way than the always classic spooning? In this position the dominant partner wraps themselves around the other like a protective and warm cocoon, a very comforting sensation regardless of who you are.
Reverse Spoon (with the man inside)
Just because the masculine partner can spoon doesn’t mean the other one can’t! In this position the “smaller” partner wraps themselves around the other in a reverse of the average spooning. Again, it’s very comforting if you haven’t given it a shot and can signify an openness between the partners.
Back to Back
When you want to stay close without having to deal with the excess body heat each other provides. Usually in this position something will be touching but both partners face away and have their own space, signifying an ability to give each other space while still remaining connected.
The Freedom Lovers
Sometimes the summer heat is just too much and you don’t want to be touching at all. It happens from time to time and then you’ll both need your own space to sprawl out and roll around. Welcome to Freedom, where you could reach back and touch your partner in a moment’s notice but you’ve got your own side all to yourself otherwise. Couples who sleep like this are usually happier in their relationship than those who don’t – which makes sense when you think about how good the sleep would be.
So the next time you get into bed, take a close look at your sleeping positions — you might just notice something you didn’t expect. And share this with people you know and let them find out what their sleeping positions say about their relationships!
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