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This Woman Lost An Eye To Terrible Infection Due To Glitter

Make up is no longer something women feel imposed to wear but where they feel creative. There are so many varieties of make up in the market these days that the transformations are magical.
But the truth remains that make up is really not safe for the skin. It contains a lot of harmful chemicals that have shown to cause skin damage and other severe altercations. Now make up is not only considered to be pigments and powders, some people use large items on their skin like feathers, stones and glitters that might make one look more unique but it also has its risk and here is a sad story to prove that.
This woman did not even use glitter on her eyes but it still got into her eye causing a huge problem.
When Erica Diaz, a mother of 2 was tidying up. Somehow, a piece of glitter, unfortunately, fell in her eyes and got lodged there. The tiny spec ended up doing severe damage.
Erica Diaz’s friend says” recently lost a good portion of her eye to glitter. That’s right, I said ‘glitter’. While cleaning up, a piece of glitter fell into her eye, and cut her cornea. The cut opened her eye up to infection. The infection quickly spread throughout her eye, filling her eye with pus and causing her excruciating pain from the pressure.”
Now Erica risks losing her eyes to such a seemingly harmless item without even trying to put it on her eyes but imagine what risks the people who actually use them face. Please be careful and don’t use anything dangerous in the name of fun and art.
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