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14 Awkward Situations That Every Tall Person Will Recognize

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There are plenty of situations where being really tall can be an advantage: it’s very easy to get things from the top shelf in the cupboard, for example, as is playing basketball. However, being taller than average can cause a person quite a few problems in life.
We would like to show you what a typical day in the life of a really tall person looks like. We want to remind you that whatever situation you find yourself in, you should take it in good spirits!
So, being tall means...
Having a justification for not washing your hair
Making breakfast without really knowing what you’re doing
Taking ’headless’ photographs more often than you can remember
Driving a car without using your hands
Being in two places at once
Bending down to get through every door
Carrying kneepads with you wherever you go
Enjoying every moment of a bus trip
Giving advice on how that new outfit looks without leaving the fitting room
Using only one finger to operate the mouse
Struggling with all technology
Seeing everyone from above
Getting things from even the highest places
Enjoying hugs just like everyone else!
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