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7-Year-Old Girl Dresses As “Exhausted Mom” For Halloween And Wins The Internet

When it comes to Halloween, you do often see the same outfits coming out the closet again, and again each year. That’s why I admire the parents that go above and beyond and decide to get creative with their kid’s costumes.
I do get sick of seeing vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and goblins every year, don’t you?
One mom has knocked all of those spooky costumes out the park with her amazing take on the festivities.
I think we can all agree that none of the above are as scary as a worn-out mom, which is why this kid dressed up as one for her Halloween costume this year!
Hats off to the parent behind this idea.
Being a mom is so stressful and I think we all know how exhausting it can be.
When I was a child I knew when to steer well clear of my mom growing up, because she got super scary the more tired that she was.
She sure did nail this look!
She definitely looks like me after a heavy week of doing the school runs and everything in between.
As you can see below,  7-year-old Lainie Griffin from Muncie, Indiana got this look spot on!
Dark circles? CHECK
Puke on the shoulder? CHECK
Hair in a messy bun? CHECK!
Baby clinging on to her leg? CHECK!
A family friend saw this outfit and thought it was pure genius so she shared it on Facebook. Not hard to see why it went viral…SO many of us can relate to the exhaustion of being a mother.
Being a mother is one rollercoaster of a ride. The picture has already been like more than 76k times and shared by over 11k people.
Will you be trying this outfit next Halloween?
What do you think of this costume?
Do you think it deserves a gold medal?
I particularly love the baby clinging on to her foot. I might dress my kids up like this next Halloween. 10 out of 10 for creativity and originality.
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