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Divine Intervention! 9 Year Old Boy Was 'Pushed By An Angel' To Save Little Brother

A Florida boy, aged just 9, states that an angel pushed him to catch his baby brother; who fell off a changing table and nearly smacked his head on the hardwood floor.
'Saved By An Angel': Young Boy Saves Falling Baby Brother
A dramatic nursery video of the Sept 29 accident captures the miraculous moment:
The video was first sent to family members and friends by Levi’s husband, telling them the family was “starting the year off with a miracle.”
Levi had been changing 11-month-old Eitan’s diaper just before the incident. She was distracted by her 6-year-old son, Zion, who needed help with his homework. When Levi turned away for just a second, baby Eitan rolled to the edge of the table and unfortunately slipped off the table.
Luckily, though, before the baby could hit the hard ground, 9-year-old Joseph – who had been in another room and just happened to be walking by – lunged in to save Eitan, preventing serious injury from hitting his head on the floor.
When Levi discovers what had happened, she embraces her sons. After the incident, Joseph was “shaken up” and “surprised” according to his mother. Joseph was shocked that he was able to catch his 30 lb brother, normally having trouble lifting him.
Joseph himself told his mother that he felt as though an “angel pushed” him to catch his baby brother.
Wanting to change the "tone of the day" Levi told ABC News she finally decided to publish the video to Facebook last week after Election Day due to many people being “so angry and so mean to each other on Facebook." Levi said parents should be “grateful” for every second that they can spend with their kids.
“We all experience miracles every day, ” she said.
Levi said she and her husband have viewed the video hundreds of times to determine what they can do to prevent an incident like that from occurring again.
“My baby had an angel by his side, ” she told ABC. “Thank God it was a happy ending.”
“My message is to parents: Enjoy your kids, ” she said. “Protect them as much as you can. At the end of the day, in a second, everything can change.” life is precious.
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