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Hillary Supporters Stage Massive Anti-Trump Election Protests in Cities Across the Nation (Videos & Photos)

Liberals have absolutely lost it. On media, at businesses, in colleges, and now on the streets nationwide.
After being whipped up into a frenzy by a media desperate to further demonize the GOP candidate into losing to the unpopular and flawed Hillary Clinton, her supporters are not coming to grips with the prospect that America is not going to be run “the liberal way” much longer.
One of the issues is that city residents tend to be much more liberal, and there is a major disconnect with the rest of the nation, which overwhelmingly voted for the Republican Party and for Trump.
In any event, they're not happy. In cities across the nation they are hanging Trump in effigy, burning American flags, showcasing vulgar signs (profanity warning), and cursing Donald Trump before he's even had a day in office.
Protesters marched on Trump Tower, shouting epithets like “Fuck your tower! Fuck your wall!”
A demonstrator waved an upside down flag, which is typically reserved for military distress signals in times of grave danger.
Classic messages like the civil rights-era slogan “We shall overcome” was brought out in opposition to Trump's victory.
While more vulgar and direct messages were sent to the president-elect.
Hillary Clinton backers ironically couldn't accept that Donald Trump had won, after the candidate was savaged by the liberal press for not conceding during the third presidential debate that he would necessarily accept an election defeat.
These protesters in New York City gathered around to burn an American flag.
While others hanged Donald Trump in effigy, arguably suggesting that the presidential candidate be lynched.
Ironically, there were some in attendance at the protests that made the argument that “Love Trumps Hate.”
Feminist protesting was a common theme at the political demonstration, in opposition to a candidate who was accused of sexual assault and groping several women. Those charges were tried in the court of public opinion as a media-launched “October surprise” against the candidate.
Women held hands and chanted in New York, some of them holding sassy references to Trump's line, “Grab 'em by the pus*y.”
Some women held variations of the tea party favorite Gadsden Flag with the new slogan, “Don't Grab on Me.”
Some protesters apparently brought their babies to the wild demonstration.
In Seattle, Washington, protesters flooded the streets to express their dismay at Donald Trump's election.
There were screams of primal rage as liberals poured into the streets to vent their frustration.
A street-level look at the protests:
Hundreds gathered at the anti-Trump demonstrations.
In Denver, Colorado, there were peaceful protests in opposition to the Trump election.
It appears that the spates of protesting are largely in solidarity with the major U.S. protests in New York, Seattle and Chicago.
Thousands of Chicagoans “shut down” the city, according to reports. Chanting on the loop proceeded to the Trump Hotel on Wabash Ave.
The protest was so massive it significantly blocked traffic.
It was sprawled across the entire downtown area of Chicago.
Chants of “Not my president!” rang out into the autumn air.
Once again, demonstrators wielded feminist themes against the candidate.
The protesters' march was reportedly a mile long on the Loop.
These protests were in addition to walkouts across Californiamobs at numerous college campuses, and planned protests for tomorrow, such as in Baltimore.
It's only just beginning, folks.
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