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If You Have Any of These 11 Beanie Babies, You Can Retire Now...

Were you one of those kids that collected Beanie Babies religiously? While some may have mocked you, you went ahead and collected and amassed an insane collection. Now the time has come for you to declutter your life. Do you sell off the plushy little guys? You might want to hold off until you have check out this list. There are actually a few Beanie Babies out there that are worth a serious chunk of change. Like, “buy your own island” amounts of money. Don’t be hasty — hold onto those babies!
1. Princes Diana Purple Bear
If you sell this rare purple first edition bear, you will make $75,000!
2. Curly Bear Original Beanie Baby
This old school bear may look unassuming but you can make over $24,500 off of it!
3. Peace Bear
This colorful bear is apparently one of a kind and you can make a whopping $5,000 from it! 
4. Valentino Beanie Bear
This relatively plain white bear with a small red heart can be sold for $19,000!
5. Millennium Mint Bear
This bear was manufactured to ring in the new millennium, but you can use it to ring in your windfall, which could be as much as $5,000!
6. Hippity Hoppity Rabbits
These Easter theme toys were much better than a chocolate egg: if you find one today you can sell it for about $5,000! 
7. Mystic Beanie Baby
This unicorn is about as rare as the actual mythical beast: you can sell it for $1,000!
8. Snort Beanie Baby
It's surprising, but this pig-themed beanie baby can bring in $1,500!
9. Pumpkin Beanie Baby
This Halloween plushie was accidentally printed up and down. The error is incredibly rare and makes this toy worth $38,000!
10. Mac the Pink Bird
There aren't many Macs out there, which makes them like catnip to collectors: $2,500 worth! These pink guys are pretty popular!
11. Claude the Crab
More cuddly than most of the crabs that you find lining the bottom of the sea, this colorful character will bring in $2,500! Happy hunting!
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