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If You Have Red Or Black Bed Sheets Change Them Immediately: Here Is Why…

Several experts from the Florida University decided to conduct an interesting and very clever experiment on bed bugs.  Namely these experts put the bed bugs in a petri dish and tried to find out what color they preferred.
And now you can see for yourself that the results are quite telling.  As you can see the bed bugs reacted the most at black and red color. On the other hand the bed bugs avoided the yellow and green color.
Now you are asking yourself, why do these bed bugs prefer these colors?
According to the scientists, the bed bugs move towards red, mainly because red is the same color as their exterior shell, thereby they think that the red color is a large group of other bed bugs.
The question now is will you change your sheets?
We truly believe that most of you will change their sheets immediately after reading this article. However you must note that there is a lot testing left to do. Therefore we will leave it up to you to make the decision.
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