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Know What Your Fingerprint Pattern Says About Your Personality

It is believed that hands tell about your fate or destiny. The length of your fingers, the shape of your hands or the lines on your palm describe what kind of a person you are and what kind of life you may lead. Similarly, different parts of your body say something about you and so does your fingerprints. Yes, you got that right! Your finger prints can also tell a lot about your character or personality.
Dermatoglyphics, which is a scientific study of patterns of fingerprints, says that the patterns describe how you will behave or what your instincts are. It could be so accurate that you would be amazed!
Here are the following types of finger patterns. Read along to know more about each type:
1. The Composite Pattern
Look at your fingerprint pattern and if you cannot locate one single pattern but a combined portion of it, it is a composite fingerprint. IF you look carefully, the circles may look like they are forming tidal waves. It depicts that you are quite flexible and can adapt to different situations easily. You may be able to get along with people and work with them but you might prefer to be a leader
2. The concentric Pattern
If your fingerprints have a very defined inner circle, it means you have a strong personality and have intense determination to achieve your goals. Also, you could be a little self-centered and like to compete in this maddening world.
3. Imploding Whorl Pattern
When the pattern has irregular loops, it says that the person has the ability to manage well while multi-tasking. If you have this pattern, you might have variety of interests and enjoy being surrounded by friends.
4. Peacock Eye Pattern
This pattern is similar to that of a peacock’s feather. People who have this kind of pattern like to struggle through the challenges of life and are very artistic. They impose charm and can lead people with their creative ideas.
5. Press Whorl Pattern
If your fingerprints have oval rings, it suggests that you have a great concentration power and can be very careful. Thus, you are really good in handling deadlines. You also have a willing nature to strive in a competition.
6. Radial loop
In case, the pattern looks like above figure, then no doubt, you are very independent person. You love to analyze things on your own and could be a rebel. You can very well identify a character by just meeting a person and on the same note, you do not even care what people might say or think about you.
7. Tented Arch Pattern
If you have this pattern, then you are quite moody as you have immense mood swings. You can be outgoing at some points and can be reserved at other. Being unpredictable is your motto and you can be impulsive as well.
8. Variant Pattern
You are good at expressing your feelings and care a lot about society. You are unique in your own way and despise if someone is not able to get justice.
9. Spiral Whorl Pattern
It does not have a specific centre and does not have well-defined rings, which suggests that you are a carefree individual. With abundance of passion, you have a million dreams and imagine yourself living them too. Despite of it, you are very sensitive person at heart.
10. Ulnar Loop Pattern
It portrays that you like to go with the flow of life and have a laid-back personality. You love to be in a peaceful atmosphere and are gentle to everyone around you.
So, which one are you?!
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