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Mom Of Dead Teen Sees Trump On TV... When He Steps Off Stage She Gets A Phone Call

When GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s biggest fan, 19-year-old Hugh “Riley” Rone, was killed in a motorcycle accident on May 31, the billionaire candidate made sure to let the deceased teen’s parents know how much he had appreciated their son’s support.
“He wrote us a few letters,” Riley’s mother, Barbara, told Fox News host Steve Doocy Sunday, adding that Trump also once called them after a rally.
“He said he would give [away] all his millions and everything he owns if it would bring back Riley,” she continued. “What kind of guy, on the campaign trail … is going to take time out to call us?”
A guy like Donald J. Trump, apparently.
Moreover, it turned out that Riley had begun supporting Trump long before he had won the GOP nomination.
“He loved, loved, loved Donald Trump,” Rone said. ” I don’t know whether he was just against the opposition or it was just for Donald Trump, [but] he said, when there were 17 [other candidates], Donald was going to be the nominee.”
“He would go out and try to register people, he would debate his friends — and we didn’t find this out until after he passed and his friends told us,” Riley’s father, Hugh, added.
To show his thanks, Trump did more than just reach out to Riley’s parents. He also invited the New Jersey natives to speak at a Pennsylvania rally last Friday.
“These are incredible people,” Trump announced at the event before inviting Riley’s parents to the stage. “Their son recently passed away in a horrible accident. He was the biggest supporter I had. Young guy. Beautiful guy. The most popular person there was. And he was just very special.”
Given a chance to speak, Riley’s parents told the room of Trump supporters about their son’s tragic death, explained how Trump had reached out to them and implored the crowd to vote for him.
“I want you to please, please, please, vote for Mr. Donald Trump in my son’s honor,” Barbara Rone urged the crowd.
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