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Moments After Winning, Trump Got A Phone Call That’ll CHANGE The World Forever…

Israel woke up to Donald Trump winning in the U.S. and local politicians were quick to offer congratulations. Then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent Trump a message of respect.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed the following statement to Trump:
“President-elect trump is a true friend of the state of israel. We will work together to advance the security, stability and peace in our region. The strong connection between the united states and israel is based on shared values, shared interests and a shared destiny.”
“I’m certain that President-elect Trump and I will continue to strengthen the unique alliance between Israel and the United States, and bring it to new heights,” Netanyahu added.
*** This is great!! Share the great news.
Once we make America great again. We will work on making the world great again. This time we will do it through strong trade and a strong military.
God bless Trump and thank you all for voting him into office, patriots!
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