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BREAKING! Muslims Demand Locals Don’t Walk Dogs In Public – Violation Of Sharia And “Disrespects” Them

In England Muslim community announced their order and their power. Now they take part in the society management, building of constitution and laws. This guys are not stopping there, trust this words, they will overtake Europe in no time if we do not take action.
The group called Public Purity asked from the government to stop the brits walking their dogs. What is the purpose of this? Sharia law in England? Wow, who would have said or imagined this kind of behavior before 50 years or so? Nobody, but now the time has changed.
What is the wrong doing in dog walking? What do they violate, the dog walkers? Do you have any idea what kind of impact is this statement going to cause? If there is democracy, than you have to respect the decisions of the majority. On the other hand, England is independent country with its own tradition, culture and way of life. Why would someone like to ,,install” middle eastern culture in the heart of Europe?
Mainstream media and the liberals will mark the ones that oppose this crazy statement as xenophobic, racist etc. This has nothing to do with human rights and something like that, this is pure politics. Muslims are invading Europe, that is for sure, now we have to stop them!
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