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Netanyahu Shocked the UN With This Revelation. Don’t Say we Didn’t Warn You.

For all those who think Israel is just going to stand idly by while Obama threatens our future… you’ve got something else coming. Israel is ready to defend itself, by itself with or without the world’s approval.
Although afraid to say anything on behalf of the only democracy in the Middle East, the U.N. members hear and know that there is truth and legitimacy in Netanyahu’s words. As the outgoing U.N. ambassador Ron Prosor so eloquently stated in his parting speech “In my four years, I’ve seen hypocrisy, I’ve seen duplicity, I’ve seen triple standards – one for democracies, one for dictatorships and a special standard designed only for Israel.” It seems that in a body such as the UN when 57 member states are Muslim and the majority are not democracies, hypocrisy is the rule and not the exception.
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