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Police Officers Are Driving In A Heavy Storm. That’s When They See Her…

To protect and serve… and rescue? Police officers can’t be certain what things they will have to do when they are either on or off duty. They help frightened children who get lost in the mall. We have heard stories about the officers (and firefighters) getting pets out of drainpipes or rescuing kittens from trees.
Sometimes they have to help wild animals too. Two officers from the Kansas City area helped get a deer to safety. In was during a thunderstorm that a deer had gotten confused and stuck on a bridge. When the two police officers drove up to the bridge, the dashboard camera recorded the ordeal. The deer was terrified and couldn’t stand up on the slick street!
Take a look at this video:
She even launched herself straight into the concrete barrier during an attempt to jump over it. The deer was lucky those officers came along when they did, she was exhausted! Job well done! Share away, people!
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