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Put a Clove of Garlic In the Mouth and Keep It There for few Minutes – The Results are Unbelievable!

Garlic is not only a popular condiment for different dishes, but was used by the ancient Romans, Chinese, Greeks and Egyptians for medical purposes. The spice has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties – you can use it, for example, to get rid of toothache. Reason lies in contained in garlic Allicin.
Here’s how you can use garlic against toothache:
Especially in severe toothache, which are responsible ulcers or inflammation, can help to slightly rub half a clove of garlic 7 to 10 minutes on the affected tooth. After that, you can start to gently chew the garlic. Thanks to the action of the juice, pain should disappear within 15 to 30 minutes.
The reasons for toothache are varied. They always need to be clarified as soon as possible by a competent doctor.
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