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This New Device Might Be Able To Cure Snoring For Good

If you snore—or worse yet, sleep beside someone who does—you’ve likely tried everything to get rid of those disruptive nightly sounds. A quarter of all adults snore regularly when they sleep, and although sometimes it’s just harmless noise, for others, it’s a symptom of sleep apnea, a sleep disorder where airflow is obstructed and breathing repeatedly stops and starts.
Currently, people with sleep apnea can use a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device, which keeps a steady stream of air flowing into a patient’s breathing tubes to prevent collapsing. But this requires patients to put on a mask before bed, which most people aren’t too keen on doing.
But there’s good news: There’s a new invention called the Airing which can help combat both sleep apnea and snoring in general in a much more comfortable way. Like other devices, it sends air into the breathing tubes to prevent collapse, which can also help with snoring.
Instead of going through a huge mask, this air goes through two nose buds made of silicon rubber, which forms a seal inside the nose to both maintain air pressure and ensure the device stays in place during sleep. The air is produced by tiny micro-blower plates that use electrostatic force. Airing also runs on zinc-air batteries, so there are no cords needed, but it’s not rechargeable, so it can only be used once for an eight-hour run.
Sadly, the device is not available for purchase yet, although it has received over $1 million of funding on Indie Go Go. Airing is expected to retail at about $3, and a prototype should be ready soon.
This article was originally published by Simple Most
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