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BREAKING: Trump's Children Make HEARTBREAKING Announcement – This Brought Tears To My Eyes

Eric Trump, President-Elect Donald Trump’s son, and his wife Laura confirmed they donated an astounding $20 million dollars to help sick children.
They gave the money to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. An organization devoted to helping children with rare or incurable diseases.
Eric Trump described St Jude’s as a “national treasure.”
In this video Eric is stunned and visibly moved when he recounts his first visit to the hospital and saw all the wonderful work that was being done.

Eric and Lara Trump made a $20 Million gift to St Jude Children's Research Hospital today from the Eric Trump Foundation.

Posted by Joe Birch on Thursday, February 19, 2015
He decided he had to be involved with such a worthy cause, but even St Jude was shocked at the amount he gave to help their incredible mission.
Eric said he was proud to be a part of such an important organization. While he acknowledged how blessed he was to have healthy children he understands the importance of charity, to help others less fortunate, and in this case he wants to help find a solution for pediatric cancer. The disease that takes so many young children before their time.
How is Eric doing this? He is giving money to people with the ideas and means to find solutions. Kind of what his father wants to do with our crumbling economy.
This is the true Trump family, caring, humble, and smart.
Contrast that with the caricatures the press tried to give them, of heartless greedy billionaires, and it is easy to see why the majority of Americans do not trust the press.
We didn’t believe them so we elected Donald Trump.
And no matter what the press tries to tell you this Thanksgiving, remember this post (and share it please) so you will know the real truth.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Courtesy of Conspatriots
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