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Veteran Mother Of 2 Told She Can’t Fly Her Flag, So Look How She Responded… EPIC [WATCH]

Recently, Fox News featured the story of a determined mother who is fighting for her right to wave the American flag in honor of her two marine sons and all those who serve our country.
Angie Hildebrandt’s story is just one example of the harassment patriots are facing in this country.
According to reports, Hildebrandt was recently told by the Southdale Gardens Condominium Association that she needed to take down the American flag flying outside of her home. The association cited rules prohibiting external decorations to justify their demands.
Hildebrandt refuse to comply with the ridiculous demands—and later found her flag destroyed.
“It was rather disheartening that someone would be so disrespectful to this flag that so many have fought and died for,” she told reporters.
What do you think? Is this absolutely outrageous?
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