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1% Of People Have This Strange Hole Above Their Ear — And This Is What It Means

While each human body is unique in its own way, it’s safe to say that we all still follow the same sort of blueprint. Still, some of us are born with strange features that, until now, are difficult to explain.
One such feature is an ear pit, or preauricular sinus. Basically, it’s a tiny hole above the ear. While these occur in fewer than 1% of people in the United Kingdom and United States, the weirdest part is that they’re likely an evolutionary holdover… from fish.
Fewer than 1% of Americans and British people are born with a tiny hole above their ear, called the preauricular sinus (or ear pit). It’s hereditary—but the weirdest thing about it is where it comes from.
According to evolutionary biologist Neil Shubin, the ear pit actually could be an “evolutionary remnant of fish gills.”
Luckily, if you’re one of the few people with this feature, you’re not at risk for any issues.
Ear pits are so strange—especially since they might come to us thanks to a shared fishy ancestor. Michael Phelps must be jealous about that!
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