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10 Face-Washing Mistakes You Need to Avoid Right Now

Your beauty regime defines your skin quality and texture. You maintain your skin by following the basic skin cleansing, toning and moisturising. The first step towards your skin is cleansing is washing your face. While this seems to be the easy thing to do, have you ever wondered that washing face is an art itself.
What is important while washing your face is the technique because if you go wrong in it, you could end up drying out your skin. This can further lead to breakouts too. It is thus imperative to avoid some of the mistake you might have Been making unknowingly :
#1. Not Washing Your Hands
Before washing your face the first and foremost thing is to go back to basics. This means washing your hands as our hands touch many things during the day and can be full of germs. Before washing your face, wash your hands with a good handwash and your face will surely thank you.
#2. Not Removing Makeup
The purpose of washing your face is to get rid of all the dirt and grime from the face and open skin pores. But skin pores largely get blocked with your makeup. Make sure that before your wash face, you remove your makeup with help of good makeup remover and cleansing wipes.
#3. Using Wrong Product
There is no denying that there are plenty of face washes available in market. While choosing the same for yourself, keep in mind that you pick the one which is meant for your skin type. Another thing to keep in mind is to choose the product with no sulphates as they can irritate the skin.
#4. Over Washing Your Face
Washing your ace once or twice is a good practice, however if you are washing it more than twice then it can lead to overproduction of oil and cause irritation to skin. It is thus important to not over wash your face, infact some skin experts suggest that you skip face wash once in a while.
#5. Wrong Water Temperature
Women often assume hot water helps in opening the pores and cold water helps in closing the pores. However extreme temperatures can actually damage the skin cells and cause drying of skin. Thus it is best advised to use lukewarm water to wash the face.
#6. Too Much exfoliation
Exfoliation is important to remove dead skin cells and renew skin. But again, many women exfoliate their skin almost every day. Our facial skin is sensitive, thus you must restrict exfoliation to once a week. Make sure that you use your fingers for this process as using wash cloth can lead to dark spots and cause dryness to skin.
#7. Not Rinsing It Off Completely
Another important point to keep in mind is to rinse out the face completely. Often while washing face, jaw line, hair line and nose get ignored and women remove the residue with wipes or towel. This can lead o drying of skin and hence must be avoided.
#8. Rubbing Towel
After washing face, it is a common habit to rub towel to dry the face. But this practice can loosen the skin elasticity. It is best that once you finish rinsing your face, simply pat and dry.
#9. Not Applying Moisturisers
After washing your face, it is important to apply a moisturiser while skin is still damp. Experts suggest using a light moisturiser or a face serum within 60 seconds of washing your face. This helps locking the moisture to the skin.
#10. Ignoring the Use Of Oils
Recent studies suggest that using cleansing oils on your skin to clean the face is a good option. Even if your skin is oily, you can choose oil meant for skin type to get the best results. Oil dissolves oil and oil will also cleanse pores by removing dirt and bacteria. Oil will help in healing skin issues naturally. Once you have used the oil to clean your face, it is important to wipe it off completely.
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