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15 Hilarious Photos That Prove Dogs Can Fall Asleep Anywhere

‘It’s a dog’s life.’ You’ve heard the phrase, right? I always think of this as the perfect life; eating, drinking, lazing around the house and sleeping whenever I want.
Dogs are pretty lazy when you think about it. My dog sleeps for most of the day, and then is always the first in the bed at night time, too.
It’s as though pooches can fall asleep anywhere, any place, and anytime.
These 15 photos prove that dogs can fall asleep pretty much anywhere.
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1. This dog’s “a-sheep”
2. Planting a puppy
Plant a seed and it will grow.
3. His owner was frustrating him… Then he fell asleep…
4. This pup is so lazy that she fell asleep in her water bowl. Now she never has to go anywhere if she’s thirsty!
5. When you get stuck under the couch, but you just learn to deal with it & take a nap
6. Perfect for taking a nap in the car
7. “This chair is too comfy. I guess this table will work as a pillow”
That can’t be comfortable, can it?
8. Any patio furniture you have can be a dog bed at any time.
9. He just couldn’t finish the bowl.
Maybe he’ll have a second attempt when he wakes up
10. Somebody does not understand how a pillow works…
11. Not sure if this puppy fell asleep, or those shoes just STANK
12. This dog fits far too perfectly into the guitar case
This is so crazy, but I love it!
13. He may be squashed, but he’s still managed to get some shut eye
14. “Now wash me while I sleep!”
Multi-tasking is essential when you are a busy dog
15. This little guy shifted into sleep mode.
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Credit: Aunty Acid
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