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What Should Your 2017 New Year’s Resolution Be According To Your Zodiac Sign?

New Years Eve is less than a month away and pretty soon we will be writing 2017 on emails, paperwork, checks, and whatever else that needs to be dated. The beginning of a new year is always an exciting time and lots of us start it off by making a resolution.
While we initially are full of hope and determined to keep our resolutions, as the year goes on we become less and less inclined towards doing just that. It’s hard to make a real change, especially if it’s drastic. Whether you slip up a little too much or blatantly disregard your resolution, only time will tell if you end up sticking with it!
To help you increase your chances of following through on your New Year’s resolution, you should try approaching it from a brand new and totally unique angle. Thinking up one on your own is the traditional way to go about doing it, but that way also traditionally fails.
Instead, turn to the zodiac because our zodiac signs give us all a completely different way to go about focusing on making a positive change for the New Year. The zodiac is best known for the different emotions, personal attributes, and strengths that are connected to each sign. These aspects can be examined and compared against all the different types of resolutions that people typically make to determine which one is the best fit for each individual sign.
Scroll down and find your sign to reveal what your New Year’s resolution should be based on your zodiac sign!
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Travel More.
Smoke Less.
Spend time with family.
Exercise More.
Get Organized.
Get Better Grades.
Drink Less.
Save Money.
Eat Healthier.
Stop Procrastinating.
Pick a new hobby.
Spend less time on social media.
Credit: Sun-Gazing
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