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If Your Hands are Cold All the Time, Your Health May Be at Serious Risk

It is more than normal to have cold limbs when you are outside in a cold weather because blood and warmth are primarily sent to the body’s vital organs. But, what does it mean if your hands are cold all the time, even when you are somewhere warm? In fact, your health may be at risk and you should seek medical attentoh
Here’s what can cause cold hands:
1. Poor Circulation
Poor circulation may be a result of a serious heart health issue. Namely, your heart’s function may be impeded, and therefore, the heart is not able to pump enough blood to the entire body. This is usually due to clogged arteries and other blood vessels which become narrow due to cholesterol.
2. Hypothyroidism
One of the functions of the thyroid gland is to regulate the temperature in the body. Thus, when this gland does not function properly, it leads to reduced function of some bodily organs and may cause obesity, fatigue, cold hands, and other issues.
3. Anemia
Anemia may cause poor oxygen supply which leads to cold hands, fatigue, paleness, difficulties in breathing, dizziness, or headaches. Factors that cause anemia include loss of blood, ulcers, lack of iron, some cancer types, and other factors.
4. Lack of Vitamin B12
Deficiency of vitamin B12 impedes the process of production of red blood cells. Furthermore, this vitamin is contained in red meat, processed meat, milk and other dairy products, and eggs. The risk group of people that are more susceptible to lack this vitamin are vegans and vegetarians.
5. Low Blood Pressure
This condition may be a result of the loss of blood, endocrine dysfunction, dehydration, and some medications. Moreover, blood is only taken to the vital bodily organs as a result of low blood pressure, which leaves your hands cold. Other symptoms of low blood pressure include nausea, confusion, fatigue, weakness, and blurred vision.
6. Raynaud’s Disease
This condition is when there is an impeded blood supply to the limbs in which the blood vessels are narrowed and result in coldness. Also, the fingers may change their color to white or blue, and may also become swollen and cause pain. Fortunately, this condition is only uncomfortable and not hazardous.
7. Autoimmune Conditions
An autoimmune condition is characterized by the immune system attacks to its own tissue. This occurs because of an improper response to specific substances in the body. This disorder is pretty serious and hazardous because the body acts against itself and causes damage.
8. Stress
The hormone adrenaline is secreted in the case of chronic stress, which leads to narrow and clogged blood vessels in the limbs, which eventually cause cold hands due to poor blood supply. In addition, another cause of narrow blood vessels may be certain medications, which can especially cause clogged arteries.
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