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New Camera Angle Shows Exact Moment Colombian Cargo Plane Crashed

Dramatic amateur video shot by plane-watchers shows the exact moment a Colombian cargo plane crashed into a field.
The video shows a small cluster of people filming the 727 as it took off. As the plane drew nearer, it appeared to be alarmingly low. Eventually, it clipped the fence surrounding the airport’s perimeter and kicked up a cloud of dust amid onlookers.

A Colombian cargo plane crashed after taking off, killing five crew members, on Tuesday, according to a statement from Colombia's Civil Aviation Authority

Posted by CNN on Wednesday, 21 December 2016
Aeronautica Civil, Colombia’s aviation authority, said the plane took off at 5:20pm and crashed just three minutes later before erupting into flames. In the footage below, you can see the plane losing altitude and tilting before the moment of impact.
A flight technician is the lone survivor of the accident; the plane’s other five passengers have been confirmed dead. The flight, reportedly operated by Aerosource Colombia, was destined for Bogota, Colombia.
The startling footage has generated quite a bit of reaction from viewers online.
Officials have yet to announce what brought the plane down, but an investigation is currently underway.
Eerily, video from October 2016 shows a 727 barely making it over the fence at the very same airport today’s doomed flight took off from.
Credit: David Wolfe
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